Marla Ranelletti
Objective: To gain work experience in the field of marine biology.
Education:  BA in Biology, University of California at Santa Cruz, Dec 1999
Relevant Course Work:  Marine Botany
 Biological Oceanography
 Marine Ecology of the Gulf of California (marine ecology and ichthyology)
 Invertebrate Zoology
 Kelp Forest Ecology
 Life in the Sea
 The California Gray Whale and Sea Otter, UC Extension
Field Work/ Research Experience: Bermuda Internship, fall 1999 
 Participant in the REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research
 Advisor: Dr. Deborah K. Steinberg (REU co-coordinator)
 Researching plankton ecology 

 Senior Thesis, current
 Refining field guide of the common marine algae of the Gulf of California
 Identifying and describing algae, scanning algal presses, and formatting the guide

 Laboratory Assistant, current
 Measuring the growth rates of rhodaliths, a coralline marine alga

 Mexico, Sonora - Gulf of California, fall 1998
 Participated in fish, bird, invertebrate, and alga collection and identification 
 Developed an algal field guide 

 Indonesia, spring 1998
 Assisted a marine photographer/biologist, observed marine environments of the islands 
 Collected venomous cone snails and tropical tree snails for analysis and identification

 Kelp Forest Monitoring, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, California, 1997
 Examined and collected data on kelp, fish, and invertebrate abundance, and floor cover
 Assessed, collected, and identified the species that decorator crabs decorate with

 Florida, Mote Marine Lab, summer 1997
 Gained insight on the causes and identification of coral diseases 
 Assisted with scuba data collection and laboratory assessment
Skills: SCUBA Diving
 Active research diver at UCSC
 Member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences
 Scientific/Master Diver, NAUI spring 1997
 Rescue Diver, NAUI fall 1996
 Open Water 1, PADI spring 1994
 125 dives to date, in cold and warm waters
Work Experience: Camp Counselor, Lifeguard, and Swim Instructor
  Kennolyn Day Camp, Soquel, CA, summer 1998
 Responsible for leading children ages 7-10
 Prepared lesson plans and taught swimming to campers aged 5-15
 Planned camp water carnivals that involved over 100 campers with other lifeguard
 Worked with other counselors to plan and organize activities
 Assisted with crafts, pottery, and animal care
 Organized the camps first scuba demonstration

 Volunteer, Marine Wildlife Care and Research Center, 1997-1998
 On call bird handler for oil spill relief 

 Lifeguard and Swim Instructor
 Southgate Swim Club in Hayward, CA; summers 1993-1997
 Swim Instructor, children aged 2-15, WSI Certification
 Worked with another guard to manage the pool operations during working hours

 Volunteer, Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center, 1993-1995
 Measured water quality at shoreline to find a relocation site for the California horn snail

 Volunteer, NAMES Project, San Francisco, 1994
 Prepared mass mailings and educated myself of AIDS crisis
Honors/ Awards/ Leadership: Independent Science Projects
 Participant in the California State Science Fair; 1993, 1994
 First Place at San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair; 1992, 1994
 Private Organization Awards: Microbiology, US Department of Agriculture, US Army, United Lung Association, US Department of Health; 1992-1994

 Student Body Commissioner of Activities, 1993-94; Sr. Class President, 1994-95
References available upon request

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